Lawyer Lara Pellegrini

Graduated in law with honours at the Bicocca University of Milan in 2002, with a thesis on bankruptcy law, supervisor Prof. Bruno Inzitari, co-supervisor Prof. Elena Marinucci. Immediately after graduating, she entered the legal practice of Bovio e Siniscalchi, now known as Studio Legale Siniscalchi e Associati.

She has collaborated in criminal proceedings regarding financial offences, offences against the public administration, safety in the workplace and the administrative liability of enterprises pursuant to legislative decree 231/2001. She also specialises in defamation through the press and writes a legal opinions column.

She is a member of the supervisory body of a number of companies, has taken part in the drafting and updating of organisational, management and control models pursuant to legislative decree 231/2001, and organises training courses for employees.