Lawyer Giacomo Leone

Graduated with honours at the Sacro Cuore Catholic University of Milan with a thesis on IT offences, supervisor Prof. Mario Romano.

He has been authorised to practise at the Court of Appeal of Milan since 2006, and has built up considerable experience in all sectors of criminal law, with particular reference to criminal law on economic matters, company offences, property offences, offences against the public administration, tax offences, contraband and criminal offences against the environment. He also specialises in defamation and privacy offences.

He has been a member of defence teams involved in some of the most significant cases of recent years, in such areas as disasters caused by criminal negligence, company and financial market offences and offences against the public administration.

He is a member of the supervisory body of a number of industrial, publishing and sporting companies, for which he has also contributed to the drafting of codes of conduct for the prevention of offences under the terms of legislative decree 231/2001.

He has written a number of articles on legal matters for a number of publications belonging to the Il Sole 24 Ore Group.

He was a contributor to Il Foro Ambrosiano from 2002 to 2007.